The Chris Loves Julia Podcast w/ Preston Pugmire

Conversations about DIY, Home Design, and family. Chris Loves Julia is a DIY home design blog that started in 2008. It has since become the go to place for design and home renovation info for millions of readers. On this podcast we go behind the curtain on blogging, home renovation, and design in general and how it all relates to having a home that is "lived in" by a family.
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The Chris Loves Julia Podcast w/ Preston Pugmire


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Feb 27, 2017
The gang listens to Julia crack eggs of knowledge all over our heads about how to choose a white paint and make it work for different lighting situations and different rooms. And also how to make white paint work with ivory paint in the same room.
Chris and Julia school Preston on organization and give tips on how to clean up that one area of your house that just cant seem to stay clean.
Plus the debut of the hit song by Julia's childhood pop group with her sisters, Flower Power.
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Feb 13, 2017

This week the gang talks about proper technique for asking a friend to assist with a DIY project. Then we revisit an old hot topic and update our response to a question about the usefulness of remodeling when you live in a small town.

Then Julia goes deep into what "classic" design really means and how to avoid something that could be seen as trendy in a few years.


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Feb 6, 2017

Chris and Julia are having another baby! This is the conversations about family episode. Next week we will bring you the DIY and Home design elements once again. Yes thats next week, you won't have to wait two weeks for an episode!

On this episode, we talk about how they found out, how they told their family, and what they are NOT going to name this child. Then we play a game about the best foods to eat when you are pregnant. Cheers!

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